In 2003 Julia Cameron wrote Walking In This World: The Practical Art of Creativity.

This is her sequel to The Artist’s Way which was an international bestseller.
In Walking Julia helps us to understand that the world is to be explored as a child, a creative and inquisitive child. Actually, that is rather redundant; a child is, by nature, inquisitive. It takes years for us to become overwhelmed with the unimportant to lose our wonder.
The following is a handful of nuggets I uncovered in Walking. They are more like small, pithy accelerants for creative thought, although the first one is a helpful discipline to embrace. You may find one or two that lead to fresh creative ideas.

• BASIC TOOLS recommended for the ARTIST
– Morning PAGES – several pages dedicated to stream of consciousness writing
– Weekly WALKS of at least 20 minutes
– Weekly ARTIST DATES that take at least an hour to explore something or someplace that is inspiring. Examples: Fun stores, nature, old book stores.

• The Great Creator LOVES THE ARTIST and is waiting as a lover waits to respond to our love when we offer it.

• We are made by the Great Creator and are MEANT TO BE CREATIVE ourselves.

• Like Alice after she ate the mushroom, WE EXPERIENCE SHIFTS in size as hallucinogenic events. One day we feel very large and competent. The next we feel that yesterday’s grandeur more wobbly than we knew.

• Experience teaches us that life, and especially life in the arts, is as much about MYSTERY as it is about mastery.

• As artists we must serve our SOULS, not our egos.

• Art may be the finest form of PRAYER.

• Art is tonic and medicinal for all of us. As an artist, you are a CULTURAL HEALER.

• Holocaust victims scratched butterflies on the walls of concentration camps. That assertive creative act spoke plainly: YOU CANNOT KILL MY SPIRIT.

• Art is more aggressive and more assertive than therapy. It is an ACTION, not a reaction.

• Creativity requires vigilant SELF-NURTURING.

• The next time you are restless, remind yourself it is the universe asking SHALL WE DANCE?

• Great artists suffer great fears like the rest of us. They do not make art without fear but DESPITE FEAR.

• Art is the ITCH WE HAVE TO SCRATCH, but we’re the only ones who can scratch it.
May you never lose your wonder or childlike curiosity.

Create On!


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