You may be under the impression that only THOSE CREATIVE TYPES are really Creative.


How often have you heard the following?

  • “I could never do that.”
  • “I can’t draw a straight line.”
  • “I’m not creative.”

It is all a MYTH.

The reality is: WE ARE ALL CREATIVE.


What if the unbeliever was actually focusing on the wrong thing?

What if it was not necessarily talent but something else that could be learned?

What if we ALL are CREATIVE and just need to center on:

  • Giving ourselves PERMISSION to SEE things differently
  • TRAIN ourselves for INSPIRATION

In late 2012 I sat down with my friend, Dan Cautrell, to discuss Creativity. This 5-minute podcast focuses on one of the five talking points from that interview: DEFINE CREATIVE.

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You can find Dan, his work, and his warped view of the world on his website & on Facebook


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I’m Preston McCracken, join me in Enlarging our Lives.