The above image is a NEW PIECE OF ART from Dan Cautrell


This week we are going to listen to the 6th and final segment from an interview I did with Dan on Becoming a Creative.
Dan is a friend, fellow hockey player, owner of FUSION PRESS STUDIO, fun & irreverent Facebook poster.

In this 4 minute segment of Becoming a Creative, Dan and I discuss GIVE IT A TRY.

Here are some key phrases from our talk:


Art as an Exploration


Art as a Vocation


Being creative in every aspect of life


The value of being creative


The Stealth Artist



More Info


Dan’s Website


Dan’s Facebook Page



Previous Becoming a Creative Interviews


Part 1 –  Define Creativity
Part 2 –  Rewards of the Artist
Part 3 –  Obstacles to Being Creative
Part 4a – The Creative Process
Part 5 –   The Creative Process

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