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P: Tell me about your COLLABORATE PROCESS.
M: It’s a lonely, solo thing to a degree. The creative process for me is, I begin things and then I have friends who finish them. Then they give me things they have started and I finish them.
We never sit down at a piano, side by side, and write a song together. We would kill each other if we did that.
And all your ideas sound so stupid when you say them out loud.
So there is an element where I do a part of it alone, but it’s still collaborative.
The nuts and bolts of it is I just can’t sit next to someone and come up with ideas. I’ve never been able to do that.

P: How do you GET UNSTUCK?
M: I had a professor, Rob Roberts, who use to say, “PUT THE PEN TO THE PAPER.” He was my Kierkegaard professor and I would get stuck writing papers on Kierkegaard. He would say, “Go back to the room and put the pen to the paper.”
And if nothing else, like a total idiot, you hold the pen to the paper and you’d say, “OK God. I’m here. I’m showing up. This is what obedience looks like to me.”
So that’s how I get unstuck.

P: Do you have other areas of creative expression? To the public, you are known for your music, do you have other areas you see as creative expressions?
M: I think the GREATEST CREATIVE DEMAND IS RELATIONALLY. Being married. Being a parent. Painting the Mona Lisa is nothing compared to raising a child.
When mothers tell me, “Oh I’m not creative.”
You’ve made a baby? You raised a kid? You raised this human being?
That’s where most artists really have trouble. I think it is because they don’t realize the value of creativity coming out of their relationships. You don’t rob your relationships so you can create.

P: I’m interviewing people who are not followers of Jesus because I am trying to figure out how to BRING THE CREATIVE PROCESS BACK INTO THE CHURCH. One of my friends, a full time artist, told me he feels the creative community has been shut out of the church.
M: Let me say this … the CHRISTIAN ARTIST DON’T FEEL LIKE THEY ARE ACCEPTED IN THE CHURCH, so how much more the non-Christian artist?
P: I’ve been struggling with this for a long time. I’ve always seen myself as a creative person and yet I had to fit into the institution. A couple of years ago I rebelled against that and God still kept me viable.

P: Although we have already discussed it, how is your faith community part of your creative process?
M: Yeah. It’s everything. It’s everything.
CREATIVITY DOESN’T HAPPEN OUTSIDE OF COMMUNITY, I don’t think. And God shows that. Through Jesus He created the world. Between the two of them, they created the world.

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