Dipping back into my Sabbatical experience from 2011 I found the interviews I conducted were very enlightening. Asking another Artist questions about their life, creative process, and challenges revealed at least two things:

1. We ARRIVE at our ART in many different ways.

2. We seem to DEAL with many of the same CHALLENGES.


INTERVIEWING ARTISTS is interesting and can give us new insights to art in general … but do we grow as an artist from this technique? It somehow seems academic and safe, which leads to ANEMIC, LIFELESS ART.
What would happen if we INTERVIEWED OURSELVES? Wouldn’t that be more revealing and provide valuable insights for us to explore and expand our creativity? It would definitely be productive and dangerous, which leads to HEARTY, LIFE-GIVING ART.
Here are the questions I asked the artists I interviewed. Answering these may open up some NEW AVENUES OF CREATIVITY for you.

Did you always see yourself as a creative?


Who encouraged you in your creative process?


Why do you create?


Where does your creativity come from?


What is the recurring theme in your work?


Is there a point of vulnerability?


Is there a collaboration component to your process?


How do you get unstuck?


Do you have other areas of creative expression?


How is your faith community part of your creative journey?

If you really want to dig deeper, here is another question I was asked by Cory Huff from The Abundant Artist:

Why am I making what I make, and why should anyone care?


Maybe it is time to INTERVIEW AN ARTIST. Who will it be?
What do you think?
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