The Breeze Gave Freely

Dan Cautrell

Prayer Flag Installation at the Redmond Town Center, Summer 2014





What are the REWARDS for an ARTIST?




An excuse to work in our underwear?


There are the INTRINSIC rewards:

Feeling the JOY of starting with nothing and ending with something; Ex nihilo?  (Sort of)

Feeling the SATISFACTION when we creatively express our worldview in non-traditional ways?

Feeling the RELIEF after we honestly explore and produce art that tackles ‘that thing’ we didn’t want to really deal with?


But what about the NON-INTRINSIC rewards from entering into another person’s life?


In late 2012 I sat down with my friend, Dan Cautrell, to discuss CREATIVITY.

In a previous post we focused on the idea of DEFINING CREATIVITY.

You can find that post here: Define Creativity


TODAY we pick up with part 2, REWARDS of the ARTIST.

Dan & I discuss:

  • Our ideas about ENGAGING with people

  • CONNECTING more effectively by NOT titling our work

  • The work becoming MORE than the product

  • Our art OUTLASTING us

  • His moving story of being commissioned to create an URN for a young child’s remains

  • An explanation of Scarecrow to Urn


This is a 8:26 minute audio file for the 2nd part of this 5 part interview.



flags 2


You can find Dan and his work on his website


To enjoy his whimsical, thought-provoking, and drama-inducing look at daily life go to his FaceBook page



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