This is PART 2 of my telephone interview with my friend Monica Ganas.
Dr. Ganas is a professor of Communication Studies at Azusa Pacific University in California. She has been creatively involved in television, movies, and publishing with her 5-star rated book, Under the Influence: California’s Intoxicating Spiritual and Cultural Impact on America.
If you missed PART 1, no problem, (Official International saying) click here.  Part 1
This week Monica answers the 2nd question …

Why Do You Create?

In this 5 minute audio Monica will comment on the following:

Being Creative as a NATURAL RESPONSE to life




Being the Creative to Teaching the Creative


How money can affect our creativity


Nurturing your Gift


Embracing your Gift



Fun Bonus

Monica started her creative career in the early 70s with Brian Seff in the 1950’s revival rock band, Rick and Ruby, in San Fransisco.
In 1979 they became the opening act for Robin Williams, which led to an appearance on Mork and Mindy.
Here is a YouTube of Mork and Mindy Meet Rick and Ruby
Mork & Mindy Meet Rick & Ruby

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