Do we Creatives have a responsibility beyond expressing ourselves?

Have we been guilty of withholding something?
Do we think we are special and others are not?
Are we the cool kids invited to the party?
In his book, Moving to Higher Ground: How Jazz Can Change Your Life, Wynton Marsalis makes the following statements:
• You are CREATIVE.
• You don’t have to earn your creativity, you’re BORN with it.
• Every human being on earth is given the GIFT to create.

I agree with Wynton. We are all CREATIVE BEINGS with a GIFT.
Many people would argue against this. Many people believe that only those kind of people can be creative.
Now there is no arguing that some people APPEAR to be MORE CREATIVE than others.
I think there are 2 reasons for this:

1. These people have ACCEPTED the TRUTH that they are creative, SEE THEMSELVES as creative, and LIVE HAPPILY as CREATIVES.

This removes so many social & cultural barriers to the JOY, FULFILLMENT, & EXPRESSION of their gift. We all know that children cannot help it; they naturally see themselves as creative until they are talked out of it. Fortunately a few refuse to listen.
Some children become STEALTH CREATIVES; some are OPENLY EXPRESSIVE CREATIVES, and some even attain the level of THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE CREATIVES.
The ones who are UNCONTROLLABLY creative are the ones who REFUSE to be inhibited by the distracting and eroding COMPARISONS thrown at them by unfulfilled people.

2. Unfulfilled people have ACCEPTED the LIE that they are not creative, SEE THEMSELVES as non-creative, and LIVE SADLY as NON-CREATIVES.

These people ALL started out with the GIFT but were SABOTAGED by others who believed the lie.
The JOY OF CRAYONS was replaced by the depressive need to find security in SAMENESS.
The FULFILLMENT OF SINGING was replaced by the fearful need to be perfect or SILENT.
The PLAYFUL EXPRESSION OF STORIES gave way to the lifeless acceptance that daydreaming is NONPRODUCTIVE.
These people have BOUGHT THE LIE and accepted that there are, and always will be, those kind of people … and them.
They lose. We lose.

So … What is the purpose of this blog?

We CREATIVES have a RESPONSIBILITY beyond creating.

Those of us who believe the TRUTH need to reveal it to those who have paid dearly for the LIE.
We need to give up the title of those kind of people and welcome others to the party.
There are PICTURES to CREATE. There are SONGS to SING. There are STORIES to TELL.

And if for some strange reason you are reading this and not EXPRESSING your CREATIVITY because you listened to the wrong people, listen instead to Wynton Marsalis:
• You are CREATIVE.
• You don’t have to earn your creativity, you’re BORN with it.
• Every human being on earth is given the GIFT to create.

Come join the FUN.
You don’t need a special invitation because it is a COME AS YOU ARE party.
And don’t forget to bring YOUR GIFT.

What do you think?
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